Best Must Have Crypto ChatGPT Plugins in 2024

Artificial Intelligence(AI) models are becoming smarter and more complex day by day. The AI chatbot ChatGPT is at the forefront of these advancements. It offers solutions in various fields including cryptocurrency. However, as it is primarily a language model, specialized plugins are important to enhance the user experience on ChatGPT.

There are several crypto ChatGPT plugins available- some developed by OpenAI itself and some created by third-party developers. These plugins specifically cater to individuals dabbling in cryptocurrency and help them make the most of the vast opportunities provided by the crypto industry.

This article will tell you more about such ChatGPT crypto plugins that are actively expanding the AI model’s capabilities and enhancing the experience for crypto enthusiasts.

What are ChatGPT Crypto Plugins?

Simply put, ChatGPT plugins are add-ons that help to expand the AI chatbot’s capabilities. Such plugins are available for a wide range of activities- from writing the perfect prompt to mathematical calculations to booking flight tickets. 

These plugins are available on the ChatGPT plugins store. While some have been developed by OpenAI itself, the majority of the plugins have been created by third-party developers. 

There are also many plugins available for crypto-related activities. They are used for a variety of tasks such as analyzing smart contracts, tracking market trends, and searching for jobs in the crypto industry.

Why are ChatGPT Plugins Necessary?

ChatGPT plugins are necessary to address the weaknesses of the AI system. These are tools that extend the chatbot’s functionalities and enhance the user experience. There are plugins available for a variety of activities including cryptocurrency trading.

Cryptocurrency ChatGPT plugins can assist traders in researching cryptocurrencies, their price history, and market trends and even analyze smart contracts. They can help users discover crypto assets and perform in-depth DeFi analysis in a few seconds.

10 Best Cryptocurrency ChatGPT Plugins

This plugin has been designed to provide users with real-time as well as historical data on cryptocurrencies. Formerly known as, it is a great source for crypto news and prices. With this plugin, you can check out information regarding crypto prices market trends, and capitalization. You can also analyze the performance and potential of various cryptocurrencies to make an informed investment decision. also helps you in learning about new blockchain projects.


The Alchemy plugin is a tool that helps users get access to real-time blockchain data. It works with blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism and uses natural language to enable ChatGPT to better comprehend and analyze texts and extract information from them.

Therefore, Alchemy can be used to access account balances, block information, token metadata, and gas fees based on network conditions. However, note here that the plugin has not been trained on real-time off-chain data but a fixed set of API methods.

ERC20 Scout

As the name suggests, the ERC20 Scout plugin focuses on ERC-20 tokens. It is known for offering precise data on crypto tokens of ERC-20 standard on EVM-compatible blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, and Arbitrum. This is a tool that enables users to gather information about prices, addresses, and market insights into ERC-20 tokens.

ERC20 Scout indexes and aggregates token lists and real-time data from various sources to provide access to comprehensive information about cryptocurrencies. With additional filters, users can also narrow down results based on token symbols, list names, chain identifiers, and other specific tags. Thus, users can easily navigate the ERC-20 token market with the ERC20 Scout plugin.


The CheckTheChain ChatGPT plugin offers fast and efficient blockchain-related information including instant analysis and protocol explorations. It is the ultimate tool for blockchain enthusiasts as it gives them access to a vast repertoire of crypto-related information including whitepapers and blogs. Gathering data and information is, thus, very easy with CheckTheChain.

This is a plugin known for its user-friendliness. It offers integrations with popular chat apps like Telegram and Discord which means that users no longer need to switch between different apps to access CheckTheChain.


DeFiLlama provides data and analytics into decentralized finance(DeFi) projects and acts as the information hub on all things DeFi. It presents information aggregated from various sources and offers up-to-date information about liquidity and other metrics across multiple platforms.

The DeFiLlama plugin helps users discover DeFi opportunities, explore protocols, access summaries of several blockchains, and analyze the growth potential of the DeFi ecosystem. With this tool, users can also get the rankings of protocols based on total value locked(TVL) gain and other metrics. Thus, DeFiLlama provides valuable insight into the DeFi space which can help make informed investment decisions.

Smarter Contracts

The Smarter Contracts plugin brings together GPT language models and Ethereum smart contracts. It makes it possible for users to dive deep into the details of the blockchain’s smart contracts and tokens. Such an analysis can help to analyze the contracts’ functionality and discover any potential vulnerabilities. 

Thus, the Smarter Contracts ChatGPT plugin provides a deeper understanding of Ethereum smart contracts which can be useful while deciding upon investments in Ethereum tokens.

Signal Plus

Signal Plus is a ChatGPT plugin that assists users in options trading for digital assets. For this, it provides real-time data on risk, volatility, and profit/loss analysis. It has been designed to be like a crypto trading assistant that provides insights into crypto market trends, options and futures data, gas fees, and liquidation statistics. 

Therefore, traders can improve the quality of their investments with Signal Plus.


The blockchain platform Polygon also offers a ChatGPT plugin to assist in the research and analysis of cryptocurrency-related information. Thus, this plugin provides great insight into not just cryptocurrencies but also the stock and forex market. 

Traders can stay updated on market trends, track their portfolios, discover new investment opportunities, and analyze information with the Polygon ChatGPT plugin. Thus, it simplifies and streamlines the process of financial research for investors.

GoPlus Security AI

With new advancements in Web3 every day, it is all the more important to ensure security on such platforms. This is where GoPlus Security AI comes in. Its ChatGPT plugin functions as a one-stop solution for assuring Web3 security. It integrates security data to provide real-time updates and comprehensive security content and protect cryptocurrency traders.

GoPlus Security AI, thus, ensures token security and also covers other aspects of Web3 security such as protection from malicious addresses.

Crypto Jobs List

This is a plugin designed to help users find jobs in the crypto industry. It sources data on job opportunities from various websites and uses it to locate job opportunities for users. Users can interact with the plugin to gain insights into the crypto job market and learn about specific roles.

With Crypto Jobs List, job seekers can also narrow down results based on location, salary range, and niche to get the best results to match their preferences.


Access to high-quality information and fast decision-making is crucial in the crypto industry. For this, crypto ChatGPT plugins can be very useful to up your game. They can assist you in sifting through all the information available on the internet and provide valuable insights into the crypto market.

AI-enhanced plugins can help everyone, from a crypto newbie to seasoned traders, gain a deeper understanding of cryptocurrency and smart contracts and make the most of their investments.

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