About Us

Reza founded BitMaq back in 2018 while working at the Wall Street Journal. He always wanted to start his own publication but never had the time to do so. In December 2017, he quit his job as a senior editor and began working on the publication from his apartment in Boston.  Earlier this year, he moved to New York since most of the well know publications were based in New York and also hired Joe as a co-founder and author for the publication

Reza publishes in-depth articles related to business, finance and technology news. Reza not only manages the operations for BitMaq but also publishes well-researched articles in the business and finance industry.

The team consists of 5 well know authors, writers, and reporters from all over the United States who have years of experience in the publication industry

Reza and his team are on a mission to publish 10 well-researched articles on a daily basis. His second mission is to get one million monthly readers to the platform on a monthly basis by 2020. His 3rd mission is to hire 50 writers from all over the world by the end of 2022.

The team have the vision to make BitMaq one of the biggest publication in the United States in the next 15 years

The company generates its revenue from advertisements which include paid post, Google ads, banners, and sponsorships