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Bitcoin whales move over 100,000 BTC in two different transaction 

bitcoin whales

Bitcoin, a peer to peer form of electronic payment has proved itself to be very useful to transfer large sums of money without knowing the account holder. These large holders are also known as Whales in the cryptocurrency community.    

Earlier today, a transaction was recorded in the Bitcoin Blockchain network with 107,848 BTC which was transferred from an unknown wallet to anther unknow wallet.

The total mining fees for $900 million in Bitcoin transferred were just $165 or 0.02 BTC which is very less for the size of the transaction. 

Another transaction that appeared on the Bitcoin blockchain was the transfer of 112,027 BTC from an unknown wallet to another unknown wallet with a transaction fee of $3.90 at the current market value.

Bitcoin is a very good example of transferring wealth from one individual to another without a trusted party. Right now most of the transition takes place via a bank which takes days to transfer the funds from one account to another account. 

At Press time, Bitcoin is priced at $8,319.26 with a market cap of over $149 billion, according to Coin Market Cap, a leading cryptocurrency analyst.

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